Prices & Sizes

cake tier price
​Traditional Celecbration Cakes: Start from £40 depending on the flavour and detail.  ​Tiered Cakes start from £75 for 18ppl Round and £85 for 24ppl for Square.
Choose the amount of people you are catering for, a flavour, design and simply contact bbkakes for a quote .

Round Pan Size     Servings  Prices from

6 inch                     8       £40
7inch                         10       £50
8 inch                     15      £60
9 inch                     22      £70
10 inch                      30      £80

11 inch                   40       £90
12 inches                   45       £100

Square Pan Size

6 inch                     12       £50
7 inch                         15      £60
8 inch                      24       £70
9 inch                      30      £80
10 inch                        40      £90

11 inch                     50        £100

12 inches                    60       £110

This is a rough guide to help you work out portion sizes.

Custom Novelty Designs:​

As you can appreciate custom made cakes are charged at a higher rate and price will vary from time taken and the amount of detail required. Prices start from £80

Shoe                     Animals                 Laptop
Bag                      Insuments              Boobs
Make Up             Nail Vanish            Money
Doll                      Flowers                  Trainers
Hat                       Photos                    Ipod
Shirt                     Bike                        Butterfly
Football              Books                      Box
Car                       Phone                      Watch
Shapes                 Fruit                        Drinks

Please note: Shaped cakes will require more cake to accommodate the correct portions which will increase the cost.


High Heeled shoes do take 2-3 weeks notice as they need time to dry.


For Wedding Cakes please email all requirements directly to

Date, Design, Colours, Venue, Number of guests , Flavours etc...

Samples are charged at £30 for up to three flavours and an addit​ional charge of £5 per flavour which is redeemed if the order is placed.


Cupcakes are a fun and easy to celebrate an occasion and for those of you that would prefer not to cut your special cake, you can give your guests cupcakes instead.

They come in different cupcake case designs so if you have a theme in mind please give enough notice in order to match the cases with your occasion.

Prices start from £2.65 per cupcake in multiples of 12 for regular sized cupcake cases. Min order 12 or 6 with an addtional cake order. 12, 18, 24, 30, 42,48...etc

Fancy Designer Cupcakes start from £3 Min order 12


New Eggless and Dairy free Chocolate or Lemon cupcakes start from £2.95 Min order 12


Bouqeuts Start from £25 6 cupcakes £40 12


Giant Cupcakes start from £40

Number Cakes

Starting at £100 20ppl+ serving Vanilla sponge for a basic designed cake.

Flavour and detailed decoration will increase the cost of the cake

B = £100

M= £175


Rainbow Sponge Cakes

Starting at £70 20ppl+ serving Vanilla sponge for a basic designed cake.

40ppl £110

60ppl  £150

6 Colours 3 Sizes    6"  8" 10"

detailed decoration will increase the cost of the cake

B = £90

M= £150