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Strawberries & Cream

Updated: Jun 29, 2018

During the summer last year, we consumed over 168,00 tonnes of strawberries in the UK.

It goes to show that we absolutely love strawberries and I am sure a new high will be set due to this tasty liqueur I have found.

Source :DEFRA 2nd June 2017

Speaking of strawberries and cream; There was a strawberries & Cream Festival in Cambridge 2 weeks ago! I Must try and get down there next year it looks like fun.

Strawberries and cream are the perfect combination for summer. A good ratio is around 70:30. With this in mind, you can create the prefect Strawberries and Cream Cake. It took me a long time to perfect the BBKakes Strawberries and Cream sponge cake.

The texture is super soft and light. The flavours are delicate and creamy. It usually comes with vanilla buttercream with fresh strawberries immersed inside but you could also have it with blended fresh strawberries (strawberry buttercream)

This Summer, Baileys have brought out a limited edition - yes you guessed it! - Strawberries and Cream!

Adding the Baileys strawberries and cream to the sponge mix did not work as well as I would have hoped. In fact, it was a fail. Luckily it did not affect the sponge consistency. I could not really taste the flavours and my little helper didn't either. Disappointed; never the less we pressed on. The next trial with this delightful Baileys liqueur was to add it to the buttercream. This again did not give a strong enough flavour but it was far better than the sponge mix. This two tier triple layer strawberries and cream cake was frosted with vanilla and Baileys strawberries and cream liqueur and a strawberry buttercream. DELICIOUS.

Later on that day, I chilled the Baileys and had an off cut piece of the strawberries and cream cake with some Kelly clotted cream ice cream and poured the Baileys on top. It was absolutely amazing and really how the Baileys strawberries and cream liqueur should be enjoyed. I would definitely recommend this liqueur cold.

Here are a few cakes made with strawberries inspired by strawberries.

Credits: Baileys & Pretty 52

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